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Hunting Trips
Hunting Trips
























Hunting Trips



Member Fran Gough with a January limit of mallards and honkers.

Double Banded Mallard Drake
This greenhead was harvested on the Susquehanna and was federally banded, twice!!


Late Season Success
Members John Van, Jim and Jason Nye with a late season hunt on the susky!


Feb Snow Goose Hunt
Mike Smith and Ken Ellenberger and Bingo with 34 Delaware Snow Geese from a late February hunt


Feb Snow Goose Hunt 2
Jason Shank, Kieth Derr, Walter Derr, Mike Hollenbaugh, Bingo, and Dave Hollenbaugh with 42 Delaware Snow geese


Mixed December Bag
Member Gary Zaring with a great harvest of birds.

3 Mallard Drakes
1 Mallard Hen
1 Black Duck
1 "Banded" Wood Duck Drake


Mixed December Bag 2
And they say "only stringers full of bass" come from the Susquehanna!


Texas Hunt 1
Ken Ellenberger and his dog Katie with a collared Blue Goose


Texas Hunt 2
A pile of Texas's finest!!


Goose Hunt 1
Member Gary Zaring and company with some late season goose hunting success!


Goose Hunt 2
Gary Zaring and company



07 Member Hunt
Some of the participants in the 2nd Annual SRWA Member Goose Hunt. This year we had 32 members attend!!!

2010 Member Hunt
The participants in the 5th Annual SRWA Member Goose Hunt.!


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